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Plant Medicine for Well-Being

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Rituals + Ceremonies for the Modern Woman

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Deepen Your Awareness + Awaken Your Senses

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Giving and receiving is a cycle of business and success.  We believe in giving back when customers + clients invest in their growth. So as a small business we give 7% of every purchase (products + services) to the United Plant Savers.  To find out more click below.

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Love Letters of appreciation

Jenn co-creates a space with you to share, shed light and insight with and about you...It is from that place of knowledge and insight that the magic, healing, growth and movement begins.  It's a phenomenal experience.  She is literally weaving together healing modalities and knowledge to meet you and show you the path of least resistant (whatever that is FOR YOU).

Lauren G.

Working with Jenn has been completely eye opening.  She is one of the most intuitive women I've ever met.  Coupled with her warm persona and high level of insight, she supported me through the tail end of the most difficult period or my life.  Working with Jenn has absolutely moved me through despondent and despaired to rejuvenated and re-inspired. Jenn helped me rediscover my center and reengage with me with my life force.

Katie D.

I felt like I had the pieces but could not fit them together and resisted the fact that I was on the right path.  And after working with Jenn I have achieved clarity, confidence and the ambition to see myself as a authentic healer and business women.  All of this has allowed me to get the results, which included getting my business off the ground and paying clients that I desired.

LaToya L.

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