3 Things You Didn't Know About the New Moon Cycle

Next week is a new moon and it’s in Leo!

Oddly enough it’s occurring on July 31st around 10:13pmEST.  This moon is definitely going to be full of fire with at least 4 planets in Leo with Jupiter stationed retrograde in Sagittarius.  So it’s going to be one hot August!  

Mercury will be wrapping up his retrograde season just after the new moon occurs but it still leaves over 5 planets still re-visiting the past.  Fair warning, even though the energy will be firey - it might even be combustible when it comes to letting things go and finding your way to a more productive 4th quarter of 2019.  

Which I feel we all could look forward too!

Now, I’ve been giving you a little overview to the energy that this new moon in Leo starts off with.  But what you need to remember is not every new moon cycle is a new start for everyone. Sometimes, you may need to just take a beat and a breather before lighting things up.

Once you start to dive into knowing your astrological chart a little more deeply you can begin to see which moon cycles affect you the most.  You can even take it a little deeper from that and see how each lunar cycle’s zodiac sign affects you. When you can get to this point, then you’re really tapping into your natural eb and flow.

For me, new moons are never a time I push the gas on my business or even my body.  I’m the type of person that needs a little ramp up time before I go full throttle. I’ve noticed this about myself over the years plus it aligns to me being born closer to a full moon.  The waxing cycle is the start of my hustle time through the full moon. I take a breather just at the end of the waning cycle as it pushes through to the next new moon.

Take a look at your chart and see >>> go here for your chart<<<

Another thing to take note about the new moon cycle, is when the moon moves through each element of the zodiac.  Each new moon cycle goes from a fire, earth, air and water phase. In general I have noticed for many people that moving from a water sign moon to a fire sign, can be more challenging than going from earth to air or air to water moon cycle.

I mean, think about it from the physical sense.  You are energetically moving from this fluid, slower, receptive type vibe straight into the fire.  It can be a little shocking to the system. No different when you dump water on a hot fire or fill an ice cold mug full of steaming hot cocoa.  Too much of the element can be combustible.  

Now that’s a little bit of alchemy lesson for ya.  Lastly, I want you to know that depending on your own moon sign, you can predict how this lunar cycle might be for you. I sort of touched on this earlier, but let me give you a couple examples.

For me, water moon signs are always when I have to focus on my physical well-being and ways to help it recover when I’ve been going super fast.  The energy of nourishment, soul-care and fluidity take over in my life. Then air moons are always a time for my husband to focus more on what's important and let other things go. It can be a bit of a challenge for him because he considers everything a problem to solve so focusing on what’s really important makes him take a moment.  

Now, for some fire moon signs individuals during the hotter fiery times they may need to watch what they say or find the courage to speak up a little more for themselves.  And if you happen to have been born under an earth moon sign, when those moon cycles come around it may be time for you to make yourself a priority on your to do list. You may even need to access the various parts of your life that need immediate organization or time management so you can feel that you can get more done.  

There you have it, 3 things you might not have been aware of during a new moon cycle.  And that’s just one cycle. Think of how you can apply each of these things to all the other cycles!  

Looking at all of this from this perspective can really give you a lot of insight into your own emotional well being during the months.  Because the moon is what controls our emotional body. So by tapping a little more deeply into the energy around you and what you have within you - can really help you navigate the emotional times of your life.