Excuse me while I rant for a hot sec…

Just in case you were unsure, Mercury goes retrograde 3xs a year!  A lot of peeps feel as if it never ends - the thing is, there’s more than just Him moving backwards that causes these feeling of being stuck or seeing history repeat.


As of right now there are some really big players out in the Cosmos also in retrograde; like Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune.  I put them in this order because as soon as Mercury goes direct each of these also follow suit one month right after the other.


So see, it might feel REALLY intense but there are some heavy hitters playing in this re-trograde, re-lease, re-member energy.


Stop blaming MERCURY!


No one really likes a blame game anyways.  The whole reason retrogrades are important is they help us slow down and re-assess things in our lives - because heavens knows we’re spinning way too fast and because of that it also makes you disconnected from life.


There’s not much more to go, July 31st is when our friend starts running forward once again - well that is until Nov.  


In the meantime, with ALL this re-visiting energy in the stars here are some flower essences that might help you feel a little relief during this season.  PLUS if you were to blend them together, they make an amazing flower essence blend for traveling during the Mercury Retrograde season.


Flower Essences for Mercury Retrograde Season: 

  • White Violet - helps us maintain strong functional boundaries when confined in small spaces
  • Yarrow - protects us from the energies of others and the environment
  • Smoky Quartz - synchronizes our auric field with the natural vibration of the earth
  • Black Tourmaline - helps us release toxic energy from the environment
  • Covellite - brings strength, clarity and definition to the auric field