Finding My Way Back to the Healing Arts

Just because every entrepreneur can put together a product launch, doesn’t mean they should.


I have spent much of my life learning things, it’s almost an obsession of mine.  The reason being, once I learn the rules, I don’t necessarily break them I just figure out how they rules fit me.  Because I have always been that person that if I follow the rules - I often get hurt or loose out.  


In this digital day an age there are so many “how-to” courses, coaches and guides out there.  And like everyone else - I fall into the awe and wonder of it all when trying to do business.


But let me tell you about a story where unknowingly falling into the trap of following in the footsteps of others only brought me heartache, fatigue and physical pain taking me out of this game of entrepreneurship….


As I mentioned to you before I love to learn and those that learn also love to teach.  A little childhood side note, at day care we used to play “School” even when we were in school.  I was often the teacher handing out assignments, grading papers and of course we had a much longer recess than normal school.


It all started with an idea.


I had an idea to put together a school, but it was no ordinary school, it was a school of what I thought was the healing arts that had guest mentors.  This format seemed to be doing well for the coaching industry and I had several sisters/friends who had their own magic to teach and share.


The launch began with a free nine-week course over summer - yep you guessed it Summer School.  It was summer school for the stargazers where they learned astrology and moon mapping - thankfully, I had a few students.


Then the pre-phase of enrolling them into the healing arts.  From the outside - it didn’t look painful and I’ll be honest I actually still had a few students in the program.  It wasn’t that - it was the actual process of the launch, which led me to see what I was teaching that drove me into the ground.


I spent my whole summer putting together social media graphics, writing scripts for weekly videos, doing interviews of my guest mentors, providing affiliate information on a regular basis, sending out invitations to join the various interviews, consistent daily live videos talking about the program, and so much more.  It was just me and my amazing Virtual Assistant, Amber.


The output I was providing to create, market and promote this program did not match the input I was receiving. And it was literally killing me.


By the time the cart closed and all the students had been enrolled, I found myself in extreme abdominal pain.


I remember like it was yesterday. The cart closed on August 31 and by that weekend I was in so much pain laying in bed in a fetal position telling my husband I may need to go to the ER.  However, being stubborn and thinking I could beat it I held out.  Next thing I knew I was in the doctor’s office first thing after the Labor Day holiday.


School didn’t start until mid-september, so I had time to tend to this grueling pain.


I went through a battery of tests.  The one that really had the worst pucker factor was the emergency colonoscopy.  It was less than 24 hours before I was being rushed into the procedure room.  And when you hear that the liquid prep you have to drink before the colonoscopy is nasty - that doesn’t even do it justice!  


It’s retched salty grape cool-aid with the worse kind of aftertaste.  Good thing you have a few years before you have to have this done - huh?  Sorry if you’re having your procedure done next week…


The results came back negative for any blockages, because the other tests showed cysts and masses they feared were cancer.  Thankfully that wasn’t the case.  In the end, with all the blood work and all the tests my chiropractor solved the problem.  Since I had my gallbladder removed my liver was trying to take on that role.  Livers are not designed to process fats and certainly not the level I was consuming on a high protein athletic diet.  The solution - Bile Salts.  


Best relief ever - that an a hefty liver detox, good as new!


That wasn’t all that became the solution.  On this frantic journey of figuring things out for my own wellbeing, I realized I had slipped away from what I enjoyed the most - working with herbs, plants and practicing daily rituals.  It was 14 years ago that I fell into the health and wellness industry.  Thanks to this adventure in my own healing - it had me questioning everything I was doing in business.  


Literally the school I just created and had enrolled students into was so misaligned to who I was and what I was passionate about.


The school really focused on business coaching for healers.  It wasn’t teaching people how to tap into their own unique selves to be their own healer or to learn how to use the tools that I had grown to love and use so often.  So decided that I would move forward in doing this school, because I could do it and I needed the money.  But what it also meant was, I needed a break.


Thankfully, once school was in session we went every two weeks and some weeks was a guest lecture.  So in late October I went on a very majestic cruise with my family minus my husband.  It was my Aunt and Uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary and we took a Norwegian Cruise from New York down to the Caribbean.  



Let’s just say this was my next lesson in learning how to receive.


Not only was it a fun time, but my cousin has great taste and the money to provide the experience. Our room was in the Haven, and yes it was exactly that!  Balcony, tub, two room suite with a butler.  Best thing was every day we had snack time - not that we needed it!  The night before we would stay up like little kids coming up with our wildest dreams of snacks to see what we’d get the next afternoon in our room.


It wasn’t all high style living during this trip especially when I learned that our mortgage payment hadn’t gone through.  My husband was back home freaking out and I was about to enter international waters the next day.  We had one port in the US at Cape Canaveral.  It wasn’t the brightest of moments trying to solve this problem calling the mortgage company and trying to act like you everything was ok during the tour.  I finally broke down and confessed to my family that things were tough and even though the money was in the bank for the mortgage - I didn’t want it to be drafted for something else.  


The confession I made to them them was probably the most shameful feeling I have felt.  However, they were very supportive and after my meltdown, I was able to get the problem solved by finally reaching the mortgage company.


The rest of the trip was enjoyable.  It gave me the space I needed to have a clearer mind.  And on that trip I got the news that I had received an offer for a part-time job at Cabelas.


Sweet relief was flowing.


I returned home and the next day I was on boarding at the store.  It was during my time at this store that it became crystal clear of what my business was to become.


If you have never served time in the restaurant or retail industry - it will change your life or at least your perspective on service.


I spent the holiday season at Cabela’s as one of Santa’s elf.  A team of us would take pictures of kids, dogs and well dressed families with Santa.  I actually made a Santa friend who was a second generation Santa - FUN FACT: they have schools to train these guys!


The holiday season was fun.  It was what came afterwards that had me realize that if I did for Cabela’s for my own business - that was the answer.  As an events outfitter our goal was to create experiences, market product and those special events, and all while teaching about the outdoors - if I could translate the work I was doing here into my own business, that was the answer!  The focus for the business wasn’t necessarily the outdoors, while it does incorporate that, it was to focus on deeper connection to yourself by learning various healing arts in order to have deeper insightful guidance to your own life.


After just a short six month hiatus from working on my business, I left Cabela’s and also concluded my work with my students in the school.  


Which brings us to now, and where I am?  I have found my way back to the teaching the healing arts so that others can learn and use the same tools I used to raise my vibration.  By doing so it got me back on track to what I was meant to do and what I love to do - create, teach and learn!