My Mother in Law Wore Out the Welcome Mat

This week I have been battling a nasty virus and trying to manage my time and effort because I have had zero give-a-shits.  And while at the doctor’s my phone was being blown up with texts from my Mother in Law (MIL)…



MIL: I have a Dr’s Appt on June 11th can you take me?  On June 25th I have a colonoscopy
Me: I can’t do the 11th but I already have the 25th down.
MIL: I have another Dr’s appt on June 18th to discuss results
Me: I have a chiro appt on that day, so yeah I may have to just meet you there
MIL: On the day of my colonoscopy I have an appt with Neuro Health at 1:15pm
Me: Is that a good idea with the sedation?
MIL: The lady said others do it all the time
Me: Are the others 77 year old cardiac, osteoporosis women with mental issues?  If everyone was jumping off a bridge would you do it too?   Can you please stop texting me today?  I am sick as a dog and we will have an appointment to put our cat down tomorrow.  So he will be gone.  I am not able to deal with this right now.  All of which you just seem to not care about.
{a pause as I walk away from the phone - I did not want to wait for a reply because I could literally feel my blood pressure raising and my doctor wanting to put me on more heart medicine}
MIL: Sorry, I did not know.


This is what happens when not setting proper boundaries - you get pushed to your limits.  


Now you may be thinking - What a bitch!  But of course you don’t get to see the whole picture.  That’s really not the point.  The point is to see what I did wrong.


When you continue to give and you don’t have anything to give - it gets ugly.


In the past I would have felt so bad and went running back crying for forgiveness.  But I don’t do that these days.   


I’ve learned to realize that when I do over give to a person and they continue to take - I am the one that has to stop the bleeding.  What you read was just how to do this.  I asked her to stop inundating me with her to do list because I clearly had important things going on in my life.  Now the sarcastic manner in which I did, is totally me. It makes it clear to her that she pushed the limits.  


She did stop for the day but since then communication was normal once again.


Here’s the astrological side to this crazy.  I have Saturn, the planet of our life lesson, in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is a sign in water.  Cancer represents the mother, nurturing, and nourishing behavior.  Water represents emotions, intuition and the senses.  One of the biggest challenges people who have a strong water sign in their chart is learning to hold their boundaries. In general their nature is caring, emotional and intuitive.  But if you have a strong Cancer or water in your chart and you haven’t taken proper care of yourself - shit just spills out everywhere.


Think about how rain water can just push through obstacles on the road.  Water always finds a way to flow through - you can’t contain it when it’s out of control.


But one way to help manage the emotional rage in learning how to set those boundaries comes with basic protection essences.  One of my favorites happens to be Yarrow.  Yarrow helps keep people’s energy from linking to your energy and your energy linking to theirs.  It allows for each person to have space while keeping the energy lifted as well.


Just looking at yarrow the flowers are in small in separate clusters.  Yarrow grows in a variety of colors but my two of my favorite are yellow and white. Yellow given protective support to solar plexus, which is a place from where we shine outward towards people.  White protects the overall space of your entire body’s energetic space - giving you a uplifting protective force field from head to toe!