Uncertainty is a real bitch!

So many endings are happening making the uncertainty a real bitch!

There's just a lot of paralyzing emotions keeping me from being in the moment.  Just this past weekend we had to put our sweet Snickers down. Her health might have been failing and we had already stained a beautiful casket for her, but it still sucks.

I feel sadness, doubt, anger and frustration - just to name a few.  And annoyingly, I don’t feel anything pleasant.

In addition to her death, I feel I’m reliving the death of my father with the sale of his house.  But I know what this lesson is, this lesson has to do with speaking up, protecting myself and my assets.  Easier said than done, when I want nothing to do with his second wife - who had been married twice already.  Clearly, a gold digger who won big on this gamble. A story too often told for a lot of widowed retirees.

I feel resentment and betrayal too.

But mostly I feel a real lack of creation.

With the loss of my cat, the stress of the house - I tend to just wander around wondering about what I need, should or could be doing to feel better.  The answer is often confusing. So see, sometimes some of us who wander - might actually be a little lost.

I attempt to bring myself out of this hole by asking myself, “what would feel good right now?” Lately, I haven’t been getting a straight answer, so I wander a little more - even with a to-do list in hand.

Uncertainty is a void that’s really not clear.  It can feel like a never ending darkness with really no sign of light anywhere.  And yet when described it like that, it’s really a dark place for things to get started.  It’s like the germination process for plants. From seeds rooting, to the plant sprouting on it’s way to grow flowers and leaves.  It’s ironic that a process so straight forward can be so frustrating. And yet it leads to that beautiful beginning that we’ve waited for all along.

So since these moments, I formulated something to help with a little more focus. Of course, the remedy involves flower essences and I’d like to share it with you.

What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 oz amber bottle
  • Filtered Water - enough to fill 2/3 of bottle initially and extra to top off
  • Brandy - enough to fill 1/8 of the bottle for preservation
  • Flower Essences needed - I do not suggest using the actual flowers as some of these are not edible.  You can make your own flower essences or buy them. Two of my favorite suppliers are Delta Gardens, Alaskan Essences or Flower Essence Society (FES).  However, you could use the actual flowers in a candle or room spray blend safely.  For a room spray I suggest using filtered new moon water and add essential oils of these flowers instead of brandy.

Golden Amaranths - Helps us learn to let go of over-control; for tuning into the ease of life and developing ways to flow with the currents; for letting go of fear during transitions.

Rosemary - Used in healing poppets for good health, Wear or carry while reading or completing tasks to improve memory of the material and aid clear thinking (great for students!).

Cornflowers - Heightens the senses; refines your energy of sight, hearing and touch for a higher purpose.

Bull Thistle - Adds soft and fluid movement to your core; also used for hex breaking and protection.

Elecampane  - Used for banishing and dispelling angry or violent vibrations. Used to attract love and keep out bad vibrations.

Ground Cherry - Provides assistance in releasing old, deep pain and for courage. They are the gentlest of flowers, encouraging us to be inspired by the future and things to come, but also of tragedy, as their fleeting beauty is short lived and transient. Their energy is shy and delicate, quiet and gentle, but also overwhelmingly powerful and awe-inspiring when they come to bloom.


Fill the amber bottle with filtered water and brandy.  Then use 2-5 drops of each of the listed flower essences.  Top the bottle off with extra filter water. Shake the bottle well and ask the flowers to bring you comfort and clarity during this time of uncertainty.  

If you are making a room spray or candle from the flowers just use a pinch of each depending on the size container you are using.  

It usually takes about two weeks to a month for the energetics of our vibration to shift.  Because along with doing the work, we have to allow the work to be done. Too often people want instant gratification or results and that is the actual problem. 

You have to allow for some space and time to pass in order to transform into something better - true alchemy.  The process of the plant emerging from the ground and bloom isn't instant - well, not unless you’re using time-lapse video!