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Got a problem that you just can't seem to shake?

Crystals in your bra, oracle card readings and sage smudging not doing the trick...

No problem!

I love providing a solution - may that be a space spray, flower essence formula, special incense blend or all of the above!

When dealing with energy management issues each of you carry a different vibration and muck that can attach to you.  So are you wanting to rid yourself of that old beau?  Or maybe you can't get that awful feeling of where you really need to be focusing your time.

Let's chat.

When you order the Customized Solution Set you and I will chat for 30-45 minutes about what's going on.  Our discussion is about one specific issue you're having.  I will intuitively build your Solution Set to your needs from your chart, your challenge and our chat.


*Metaphysical properties of our products are not guaranteed; we supply the tools and in some cases coaching support, you put forth the energy. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.