Moon Essence Alchemy

Moon Essence Alchemy

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Have you been practicing moon magic on your own?  Setting intentions by lighting candles and creating vision boards or journaling.  Maybe you are even dabbling with astrological charting to support your desires.

Do you only know the basics of the lunar cycles but feel drawn to know more on how embracing your own cycles can actually bring you better alignment, empowerment and clarity?

This is an introduction program to all of this.  You will learn more about the lunar cycles and discover which ones are the ones that inspire action and the others that ask you to rejuvenate in order to gain space and clarity.

Not only will you be connecting to each lunar cycle but you will also receive a brief introduction to working with the shamanic elements.  The way you will do this is by using specially formulated flower essences.  From experience we gain wisdom and flower essences allow you to discover this by giving you the emotional support to connect deeply to who you are and what you desire.

Over the one month you will use a flower essence each week.  Each week you will be giving an opportunity to discuss and share your personal experience to deepen your awareness.  Then once during the month we'll meet in person via zoom webinar for an in-person session for further support, guidance and ritual in order to provide you with confirmed clarity, stronger sense of self and a renewed connection to your own intuition.

Next Session begins June 2019