About Jenn

 meet the creator of the alchemical experience

Hey Love!

Looks like you landed here to get to know me, awesome.  Where should we start?

First off, you need to know I don’t do simple chit chat.  I often like to dive into conversation with an open heart and deep sense of connection.  But fear not...I make it fun and amusing.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way - whatcha want to know?

I could tell you about the time I was this successful systems engineer for the Department of Defense running a multi-billion dollar infrastructure contract with a corner office and an amazing support team.  This was a contract that I felt I was being set up to fail at and not really valued. So before they could pull one over on me - I was searching for a way out.

Or we could begin with the story of me quitting that job.  I’d received a large inheritance from my grandmother and decided to leave a stable job in the middle of building a custom home on 40 acres of land, while my current husband freaked out!  My reasoning for it was a burning desire to pursue a passion - which ended up being an expensive adventure through a lot of self development coaches and courses.

Truth was, I was on this crazy ass journey to find myself only to discover the money started to run out quickly!

No, you want the docudrama that took me from a Xena Warrior Princess following my divorce because my ex married my best friend... to the Intuitive Sage who talks to plants and makes emotional remedies while reading the stars.

I have always lived my life as a good girl and often just one of the guys. Most of my friends were guys and I was always the safe zone where they could just hang out - aka always just the friend.  Another example of this was when my mother scolded me by saying, “Don’t sit like that in the dress!” - I had no idea how to be a lady!

I had no time to study Emily Post’s Etiquette because I was constantly searching for daddy’s approval. Sad thing was, I wasn’t “daddy’s little girl,” just wasn’t good enough.

When I would put on my big-girl pants and take on life, I’d push through various interests searching for the next gold star of achievement.  I would drive through heartache, manipulation and often the word “No” just to prove a point. Battling to feel worthy, valued and to be a part of something great.

The only time that intense attitude came in handy was when I took on a part-time job during my divorce at a gym.  I’d hit the weights, lost 80 lbs and I became this lean, mean partying machine - I mean I partied like a rockstar!

But because I grew up as a fat girl with a self-esteem in the dumpster and now in a body that looked good and felt good - I had no idea how to receive compliments, well receive anything!  Which in the end made me even more awkward! At the same time, guys would tell me I was an emotional wreck or extremely needy. Talk about a wild shitstorm of a woman!

Who knew I was just an empath, with a lack of boundaries, with worthiness issues.  I had a ton of emotions running through me that were having a real effect on how I managed my time, money and relationships.  This was my spiritual awakening.

The part where the Intuitive Sage enters the scene isn’t until a few years later. That self development discovery and crisis that consisted of so much self-development and coaching gave me a tool box the size of Mount Kilimanjaro!

After losing the weight, I went on to become a personal trainer. That led to my fascination of supplements, which gave me the drive to become a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. From there I needed more because of my fascination of health and weird ability to comprehend the physical body.

No way was I about to go for my doctorate cuz that thesis for my Masters degree was enough torture!

Before I knew it I was talking to my husband about flying to Albuquerque, New Mexico to study Wholsitic Kinesiologist with Dr J Dunn who happens to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson regularly to maintain his own well-being - #sorrynotsorry for the shameless name-dropping, but he’s one of my entrepreneurial crushes!

Personal confession - I have a long list of interview questions to ask him when that day comes. Don’t want to be fumbling for words and have a missed opportunity!

My healing journey didn’t end in Albuquerque. I went on to join a couple woman mastermind groups to face my fears of abandonment, FOMO, and trying to figure out this thing called business. It was with these women that my energetic knowledge was blown wide open. I was exposed to astrology, flower essences and the deep need for ritual and ceremony in my life.

Those short years between leaving the stable job to traveling the world gave me a tool box filled of skills and life experiences. But I can honestly say it’s not down growing.  I am always growing my knowledge and feeding my curiosity in the realm of healing, magic and mystery. Not from an odd fantasy obsession, well maybe a little - but in order to make that woo woo world a bit more practical in my life and others.

I especially love working with sacredness, ritual and ceremony.  These practices and tools are things I use on a daily basis that help me to courageous sit in uncertain, clearly allow me to manage my emotional energy and all of it is for a life of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I’d love to know what brought you here.  And if you’ve gotten this far, I’m sure parts of my story may resonate with you.  

I get that a lot and I get a lot of women who say, “I dunno why I reached out, I just feel you get me.”  So if this is you and your curiosity is sparked, let’s just chat.

I’d love to hop on calls and hear about what you are doing, what you want your life to be more like and everything in between.  All you need to do is just get on my calendar and we’ll have our own mini jam session.

Just be sure to come with a knowing that all topics are on the table and nothing leaves our call.  Oh and realize that we’re all doing this thing called life he beat we can. Perspective is everything and it can change in an instant.