Deepen Your Awareness + Awaken Your Senses

Clients often ask me, “how do I know I’m right?” My answer is usually another question like, “well, how does it feel?”  It is then we really get started on unfolding things in their life.  
I work with a lot of women who are in one of two places in their life…she has a thriving business but her poor health and emotional stability are consuming her energy and she feels really lost in anything she does.  She isn't asking for help because she really doesn’t know what she needs help with.  She can’t seem to get motivated or receive inspired action because she is lacking energy physically, emotional and even spiritually. 
The other woman is one who is working really hard to make an impact and create a business with her passion and is currently working a job that seems to get in the way of that dream.   And because she is working so hard she just seems to be losing things. Losing things like time, money, relationships and connection.  With all of this loss it has her underestimating her own clarity, confidence and discernment. Can you relate to either of these scenarios?
In my years of practice, what I have found to be true is that in either of these cases the root of the problem is your inability to trust.  
Trust your intuition, 
Trust the subtle signs you’re receiving and seeing,
Trust any of your relationships fully but ultimately
Trust yourself.
I get it, I’ve been there and you know what - you’ll continue to come back to this but the good news is that experience = wisdom.  Each time you find yourself in this sort of situation - you’ll find ways to get yourself out of it quicker.
This is why I’ve designed The Alchemical Experience.  These are live, in person retreats, workshops, and sometime rituals that allow you to get back to what may causing you to lack trust in what you do, feel or think.  It is through these experiences that you really get to deepen your awareness and awaken your senses.
These events happen often but aren’t done on a regular occurring basis.  They are open to whoever feels like they can relate to the situation above.  Of course I would tell you that if you worked with me on an intimate level these experiences have a greater transformational impact for you and your business.  But I realized that sometimes we just have to jump in to things when we can.  
One of the things about retreats, workshops and meet ups that I love is my chance to do some hands on healing with the individuals that attend.  When you get a chance to be a part of one of the Alchemical Experiences - we all benefit and so does the world.
If this sort of experience is something you are curious about and want to learn more all you need to do is click here!