Plant Medicine for Your Well Being

Let’s go for a walk amongst the plants, animals and nature herself.  I’d invite you to picture a place you absolutely love.  
  • What’s the weather like?  Is it hot, cold, humid, dry?
  • What’s the scene like that you placed yourself in?  Is it a beach, lake, small town, or maybe even an imaginary escape that gives you comfort?
  • Now begin to walk, what do you hear, smell, taste, touch or see along your walk? What parts of nature jump out at you?
Escaping is a pleasurable feeling that allows for us to gain clarity.  Escaping is like daydreaming of what’s to come.  Too often our minds go to the problems we’ll have to solve.
Solving the next issue is what’s usually how we are using our mind  We need to know what we need to do for us to thrive and accomplish that goal(s).  The thing is, in order for you to get your health, mind and spirit aligned to what feels good - the practice of escaping and observing is what is needed to deepen our awareness.
One of the ways to help that restless mind of yours is trying out various holistic modalities to heal or enhance your well being.  For me and my clients, it’s all about plant medicine.  Plant medicine can be physical herbs, oils, and concoctions.  
They can also be energetic modalities like flower essences, energy healing, and rituals.  Maybe you’re not familiar with flower essences, that’s ok.  Here’s an intro to get you started on YouTube
Or maybe you know a little something about healing modalities but really want to expand your knowledge.  Great!  Here’s a really silly Facebook Live I did on Alternative Health Care Methods:
However, if all of this seems overwhelming and you just don’t really know where to start, then I would say the best way is to keep exploring plant spirit medicine. There is only one earth.  So we need to start partnering with what’s around us so that we can connect more deeply to the earth but also more deeply to ourselves.
For centuries humans have enlisted plants, herbs, oils and nature to heal, nourish and even cultivate life.  Our modern day living an away of being has just taken us off that path - the time is to start getting back in touch with some of the more natural ways of living.