Rituals + Ceremonies for the Modern Woman

I didn’t grow up with a lot of traditions.
Sure we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  But nothing that held any true tradition or what I’d called sacredness.  I was actually always jealous of families that had long lived traditions.  I always felt that those families had deeper connections and respect for each other.  I felt this way because I often observed that no matter what, good or bad, they’d come together for those traditions.
I understand family is family, and they aren’t always pretty - the traditions were what I was attracted to and found myself in awe of a lot.

This feeling really became alive for me when I was in Bali on a mastermind retreat with some really amazing women.  It was the first time I was in a place where people actually resembled me, where I didn’t feel like an outsider, and I felt like I was being held and nurtured constantly.  It had nothing to do with why I was there and had everything to do with the land and the culture.

The Balinese have a culture that honor everything.  My observation of this was because they prayed and made offerings for almost every event or thing to pay gratitude and respect to a god.  According to my tour guide said it was the “land of 1,000 gods - but that god only had one face.  For me that didn’t grow up with a lot of religion in my life, I felt they were honoring people, places and things that came from the Universe. (just to make this clear that this has to do with a spiritual feeling vs religious rules)  

They would have rituals or ceremonies for not only weddings, holidays or birthdays.  But for births, deaths, a new home, planting a crop, harvesting that crop, a friend’s homecoming, welcoming tourists - heck even for the placenta of a new born baby!

They made daily offerings - these things were always on the list to grab from the market.  Really the simplest of things too!

I found this so fascinating.  They would take time for every little thing they loved, appreciated or held dear to them - they had a ritual, ceremony or offering to give.  The closest thing I had to a ritual growing up was making sure I did my hair in braids, with the same color ribbons and put my softball uniform on the same way - ritual or superstition, it was still a methodical offering in hopes of a win.

I realize that some families do have them but if I had to wager a guess in this day in age where we’re so involved with technology and working on the next big thing - those moments to pause and pay tribute to even the really big wins are missed, let alone taking the time to celebrate the small wins.

So when I got back from Bali, I began to dive deep into not my family roots but my cultural roots.  What types of things were celebrated or honored?  I followed that thread until I was really led to uncover how and why honoring these things were so important.

This is where I discovered the sabbaths related to the Wheel of the Year.  Ancient celebrations I felt the most aligned to as a woman who is so drawn to Mother Earth. These particular celebrations were steeped in sacred elements not only found in nature but also in astrology and my flower essences practice.  

I saw the link between it all, even when others couldn't.  Which is why ritual and ceremony is something I am so willing to create for my life and clients.  It's just not something others see the value in but it does our mind, body and soul so much good.

I have created rituals and ceremonies for a variety of things, just as I observed how the Balinese did.  I’ve held anointing ceremonies on a picnic in the woods along the Potomac River, created a letting go and rebirthing ceremony for a woman who had an abortion, and every retreat I hold has deeply steeped intentions rooted in special ceremonies.

If it is an important event or memory for someone, then it warrants the most beautiful tribute.

I enjoy doing this for my clients.  It doesn’t have to be a holiday, wedding, birthday or death that brings us together to have an appreciation or share gratitude.  Rituals and ceremonies can be for anything you want - if it is a sacred moment in time to you, then it’s worth the time and effort.  

Because when you do honor these things, you are anchoring those memories deep into your psyche so you can recall them when you need them most.  This helps you realize that your life matters and what you do or have done matters too.  All you have to do is tap back into that moment you anchored during the ceremony so that you can trust you are are doing life just right.


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