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This is your sacred self-care box of goodies - the only way to keep you #highvibing!


Affirmations, mirror work and mind set mantras aren’t the only thing you need to do to raise the roof.  You need some tips, tricks and tools of the trade to elevate your energy levels.


Each of these boxes are curated with a specific theme and pure intentions to assist you in creating your space and the life you love.  


Designed with the spiritual conscious woman in mind, these products and tools are a compliment to the self-development and healing work you are doing.  While learning and implementing these things into your life, it will help connect you to a deeper sense of self and the seasons to find your rhythm and flow.


Choose which box option you'd like to see: 
If you're you're an earthy kind of gal looking to get down - go for Crystal Love or
If you're one hot mama looking to light things up - go for Candle Love


ANOTHER OPITON just added: Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit - nuff said!